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Testi Joey Tempest - Pleasure And Pain > Testi lettera J > Joey Tempest > Unknown - Pleasure And Pain

I hate it when you wonder... so sensual and free.
And I hate it when you're psychic... With the things I cannot see.
I hate it when you lead on... Like you know which way to go.
And I hate it when you stumble... And you never touch the floor.

A pathological liar... I am fallin' again.
With a flood of desire... I walk the line
Between pleasure and pain.

I hate it when you're lyin'... So close to me at night.
And I hate it when you whisper... Sweet words into my mouth.
Yeah the woman be the reason... A woman be the light.
A woman be the color... If faith would be my sight.

I'm a man of contradiction... With a heart so restrained.
So afraid of commitment... I walk the line
Between pleasure and pain.

It may take one lifetime... Or it may take one day.
For me to find the courage... Not to walk away.
If this is all that matters... If this is all we know.
If enlightment is our journey... It will never, ever let us go...
(Never let us go)

I hate it when you want me... Passion in your eyes.
I struggle and I reason...

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