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Testi Townes Van Zandt - Standin' > Testi lettera T > Townes Van Zandt > High, Low And In Between - Standin'

By townes van zandt

I'm standin' with my bowed head down now
That ain't right that ain't wrong
It's just a feelin' but i can't shake it
I keep on tryin but it's been so long

If i hurt you i did not mean to
I beg you pardon i did not want to
When i leave you don't you think about me
I won't be back babe i'll be long gone

When the time comes and i'm not ready
Seems it's over before i'm started
The time comes and i don't feel it
I don't know nothin' but my own

Kingdoms into the sky go
And the highway like a river does flow
And my way sometimes it hurts so
And your way just don't go home


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