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Testi MICHAEL BOLTON - The One Thing > Testi lettera M > MICHAEL BOLTON > Unknown - The One Thing

As I'm looking back in time
My heart was young and the world was mine
Driven by desires blind
I remember someone told me as the years roll by
Remember one thing, the one thing
People come and people go
The way the winds of fortune blow
So hard to find that heart of gold
I remember someone told me
When you find it don't let go

You're the one thing, you're the one thing baby
Makes this world heaven
Makes the whole thing right
You're the one thing
That means something baby
The one I believe in, the one thing I need in my life

As I look into your lovin' eyes
There ain't no doubt just where my treasure lies
I've searched the earth for somethin' true
But the only truth that matters is my love for you

And that's the one thing, the one thing
Timeless as the stars, faithful as the sea
Like the endless risin' sun I know you'll be there for me
There's so much love inside this heart of mine could break
'Cause I know I've found forever and with every breath I take


And your love is like a rainbow
In a world that's black and white
You paint my dreams in color
And in your arms they come alive
You're my every inspiration
You're the wings that make me fly
You're my only destination
You're the one thing, the one thing in my life, ooh

You're the one thing, you're the one thing baby


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