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Testi Various Artists - Claudine Hooper Bukowski 1969 Script > Testi lettera V > Various Artists > Hair Soundtrack - Claudine Hooper Bukowski 1969 Script

Lift your skirt, point your tow
Volunteer for the USO
Bake cookies and pies for our guys

Your legs, shave the hair off
Your eyebrows, pluck 'em
Refuse to take your underwear off
And if they make you pucker your lips up and puck 'em

You'll forget your Ruby Tuesday
You'll forget Michelle your belle
As for Lovely Rita Meter Maid
Well she can go to hell
Even Mother Sweet cannot compete
With the neatest piece we've seen
Claudine Hooper Bukowski
She's the Queen of the United States Marines
Nervous Nellie

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