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Testi Shyheim - Don't Front/let's Chill > Testi lettera S > Shyheim > The Lost Generation - Don't Front/let's Chill

1 - baby don't front you know you want me
See it in your eyes you can't lie you know you want me
Give me a little time, ill make you change your mind
Im ready if you will so baby let's chill

Verse one:

Settlin' down is the last thing on my mind honey
No time to be all lovey dovey gotta make this moeny
So i can get my thug on and pimp the world
Shorty just hold on and ima put you in girl
You're mad sweet and plus you look good like a mutha fucka
But ima playa and not just a one woman lova
I'm all about skins, diamonds and g notes
I aint tryin to hit dis one girl now but you never know

Yeah ok but i wanna have your love tonight
And ya know that i'm gonna do you right
I know that romance just aint a thang
But if you give me time we can do this ?here this way

2 - is it good girl, as it really sounds girl
Or is it game that youre puttin in my mind girl
I understand that you wanna spend time girl
Just keep it real and i wouldn't even mind girl

Repeat 1

Verse two:

Aiyyo i'ma thug honey, pushin a ? blue montero
Through the roughest part of any ghetto
Packin a you know just in case sum grimy fellows wanna touch my riches
Jiggy'll find 'em in many different muddy ditches
But is this the lifestyle you wanna live love
In a game with only two ways to get up at 'em
Dead or in jail and i aint tryin ta see neitha
Proceed to smoke the ? hold on tight to your heata
Make me a believa, that what you're sayin is sane g
Would you catch a slug for me better yet die for me
Of course not, so don't act like ya would
Shorty rock just keep it real and it's all good
Word up

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

(1 den 2 again)

Repeat 1 till fade

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