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Alecsandra. - Elis Armeanca şi Adrian Minune - Te iubesc
Ancuta Anghel - La moara la Niculai
BERTIE HIGGINS - Casablanca(1982)
Guess Who - Decat Sa minti
Michel Teló - Ai se eu te pego [română]
Michel Teló - Ai se eu te pego
stroke69 - beutiful smile
mr probz - hate you
Drei Ros feat. Akon - Criminal Minded
Robis Angela - Ramona Hanganu "PENTRU TINE"
Florin Purice - Am avut un vis urat
McHh - Romaneste
Guess Who - Oriunde te duci / stiu deja
Rihanna - Man down - versuri română
DJ Project feat Giulia - Mi-e dor de noi
Deepside Deejays - Never be alone
Smiley - Dream Girl - Romana
Smiley - Dream Girl
Guess Who - Tot mai sus
Fly Project - Goodbye
Animal X - Broken Smile
William Hill - My Vietnam
Jump5 - Sleigh Ride (Remix)
Cassidy - Lipstick feat. R. Kelly
3LW - Parents Just Dont Understand (with Lil' Romeo And Nick Cannon
codu penal - pentru cine se simte
Alb-Negru - Noi doi
Cheloo & Killa Army - Smoke flow
Dana - Am nimic fara tine
Praf in ochi - Ca si mort
Dana - Te - am cautat
Sonya - Inima imi plange
Bitza & Butch - Razboi in doi
Dana - Zbor
Bitza - Concluzii
Bitza - Balada cu feeling (skit)
Blondy - Te - am iubit
Praf in ochi - Parte din mine
Bitza & Loredana - Aripi frante
Don Baxter - Din nou
Ombladon & Bitza - Vecinului lui Cheloo
Vali Barbulescu - Robo Dance
Bitza - Dialog in fata sectiei (skit)
Talisman - Atat de singur
Codu' Penal & Puya - Spune - mi daca faci... II
Bitza & L Doc - Sinuciderea unui inger
Bitza - Copii imbatraniti inainte de timp
Sistem - Sperante
Simplu - N - am sa uit niciodata
Praf in ochi - Peste sufletul meu
Praf in ochi - O mie de ganduri
Sisu & Puya - Foame de bani
Cheloo - Vecinului meu Pilif
Activ - Timpul
Daniel Dinescu - Te - am iubit
Praf in ochi - Innebunesc
Animal X - Reminds me
Praf in ochi - Sock
Zapp And Roger - I Wanna Be Your Man
Yellowcard - Rough Draft
Will Smith - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
Will Smith - Boom Shake The Room
Werid Al - Gump
Weird Al - Trigger Happy
Weird Al - The White Stuff
Weird Al - The Brady Bunch
Weird Al - Pretty Fly For A Rabi
Weird Al - Phoney Calls
Weird Al - Like A Surgeon
Weird Al - Eat It!
Weird Al - Alternative Polka
Wariner Steve - Six Pack Ago
Wariner Steve - Love Me Like You Love Me
Wariner Steve - Every Little Whisper
Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - In The Blue Of Evening
The Three Suns - All Of My Life
The Three Degrees - Maybe
The Lettermen - Goin Out Of My Head Cant Take My Eyes Of You
The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra - Tangerine
The Jackson 5 - Sugar Daddyjf
The Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song
The Glen Miller Orchestra - That Old Black Magic
The Clovers - Love, Love, Love
THE CALLING - When It All Falls Down
The 5th Dimension - Togethers Lets Find Love
The 5th Dimension - Never My Love
THALIA - I Want You(feat. Fat Joe
Thalia - I want you
Stylistics - Pieces
Steel Dragon - Wasted Generation
Steel Dragon - Reckless
Steel Dragon - Long Live Rock N Roll
Steel Dragon - Blood Pollution
ST. LUNATICS - Jang A Lang(feat. Trina
SR-71 - Tomorrow
Squeeze - Hope Fell Down
Squeeze - Some Fantastic Place
Seixas Raul - Eu Quero Mesmo
Seixas Raul - Mosca Na Sopa
Seixas Raul - Eu Nasci H Dez Mil Anos Atrs
Second Coming - Afilotimi
RON ISLEY - Contagious(feat. R. Kelly & Chante Moore
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
Richie Rich F/ 2Pac - niggaz done changed lyrics
R KELLY - Showdown(feat. Ronald Isley
Project 86 - Your Heroes Are Dead
Project 86 - Soma
Project 86 - S.M.C.
Project 86 - Shelter Me
Project 86 - Little Green Men
Project 86 - Last Meal
Project 86 - Know What It Means
Project 86 - Hollow Again
Project 86 - Caught In The Middle
Project 86 - Bottom Feeder
Project 86 - Another Boredom Movement
Pressure 4-5 - These Hands
Pressure 4-5 - Stares
Pressure 4-5 - Proven
Pressure 4-5 - Pieces
Pressure 4-5 - New Wave
Pressure 4-5 - Melt Me Down
Pressure 4-5 - Into Yesterday
Pressure 4-5 - Even Worse
Pressure 4-5 - Enough
Pressure 4-5 - Dehydration
Pressure 4-5 - Beat The World
Peasall Sarah, Hannah, And Leah - In The Highways
PEARLCOPPER - Elevator girl
PAUL OAKENFOLD - Starry-Eyed Surprise
Patience - Tonight You Belong To Me
Pat Boone - Tutti Frutti
parokya ni edgar - the yes yes show
P. DIDDY - You Gets No Love (Remix)
P. DIDDY - Woke Up In The Morning (Remix)
P. DIDDY - Unfoolish
P. DIDDY - Special Delivery (Remix)
P. DIDDY - So Complete (Remix)(feat. Cheri Dennis
P. DIDDY - Notorious B.I.G. (Remix)
P. DIDDY - No More Drama (Remix)
P. DIDDY - Dance With Me (Remix) / Peaches & Cream (Remix)
P. DIDDY - Bad Boy For Life (Remix)(feat. Busta Rhymes & M.O.P.
Nurding Louise - Light of My Life
NOFX - Medio-core
NO USE FOR A NAME - Solitaire
NO USE FOR A NAME - Internation You Day
NINA - Jealous
NELLY - In The Store(feat. Cedric the Entertainer and La La
NELLY - CG 2(feat. St. Lunatics
Nascimento Milton - O Cio Da Terra
Nascimento Milton - Milagre Dos Peixes
Nascimento Milton - Um Gosto De Sol
Nascimento Milton - Travessia
Nascimento Milton - Sentinela
Nascimento Milton - Ponta De Areia
Nascimento Milton - Paisagem Na Janela
Nascimento Milton - Nos Bailes Da Vida
Nascimento Milton - Menestrel Das Alagoas
Nascimento Milton - Maria Maria
Nascimento Milton - Corao De Estudante
Nascimento Milton - Coraao De Estudante
Nascimento Milton - Cano Da Amrica
Nascimento Milton - Caador De Mim
NAS - Made You Look (Remix)(feat. Jadakiss, Ludacris
N Sync - Gone (Spanish Version)
Mudvayne - Mercy, Severity
MONICA - If U Were The Girl
Mnaga a Zdorp - Psi Pana Pavlova
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nevzpominam
Mnaga a Zdorp - Praha Berlin Warsava
Mnaga a Zdorp - Porad Te Mam Rad
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nikdy Ti Nereknu
Mnaga a Zdorp - Radost Az Na Kost
Mnaga a Zdorp - Zadne Nove Zpravy
Mnaga a Zdorp - Zapomenout
Mnaga a Zdorp - Zda Se
Mnaga a Zdorp - Tenkrat Na Vychode
Mnaga a Zdorp - U Vedlejsiho Stolu
Mnaga a Zdorp - V Tisni
Mnaga a Zdorp - Salam Banan
Mnaga a Zdorp - Stovky Hotelu
Mnaga a Zdorp - Spatny Konec
Mnaga a Zdorp - Statecneji
Mnaga a Zdorp - Budoucnost
Mnaga a Zdorp - Hezka Holka
Mnaga a Zdorp - Dole
Mnaga a Zdorp - Dvere Do Pokoje
Mnaga a Zdorp - Chtit Chytit Vitr
Mnaga a Zdorp - Chtel Bych
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nevadi
Mnaga a Zdorp - If You Want My Love
Mnaga a Zdorp - Chci Vic
Mnaga a Zdorp - Byl Jsem Na Prochazce
Mnaga a Zdorp - Asi Jsem to Prehnal
Mnaga a Zdorp - A Ty Tam
Mnaga a Zdorp - Definitivne
Mnaga a Zdorp - Ach Jo
Mnaga a Zdorp - Co Tady Jeste Delam!
Mnaga a Zdorp - 1miluji Te 2nenavidim Te 3nechapu Te 4chci Te
Mnaga a Zdorp - 17 B
Mnaga a Zdorp - Mizerny Den
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nejlip Jim Bylo
Mnaga a Zdorp - Na Stene Visi Reprodukce
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nech Me Spat
Mnaga a Zdorp - Mrakodrap
Mnaga a Zdorp - Mlha
Mnaga a Zdorp - Hloupy a Ztraceny
Mnaga a Zdorp - Jednou Budem Blit
Mnaga a Zdorp - Kdyz Budu Mit Stesti
Mnaga a Zdorp - Motyl
Mnaga a Zdorp - Klidna Pisen
Mnaga a Zdorp - Maly Obr Aneb Jako Letadlo
Mnaga a Zdorp - Made in Valmez Unplugged
Mnaga a Zdorp - Made in Valmez
Mnaga a Zdorp - Pravda Neustale Vitezi
Mnaga a Zdorp - Plameny
Mnaga a Zdorp - Po Kapkach
Mnaga a Zdorp - Normalni Posledni Den
Mnaga a Zdorp - Na Brigade
Mnaga a Zdorp - Ve Skutecnosti
Mnaga a Zdorp - Vsak Jednou Budu Taky Mlady !
Mnaga a Zdorp - Hodinovy Hotel
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nejvic Se Klara Tesi Na Nedeli
Mnaga a Zdorp - Nedotykej Se Me!
Mnaga a Zdorp - Negdy
Mnaga a Zdorp - Jeste
Mnaga a Zdorp - Klec V Kleci
Mnaga a Zdorp - Lide Jsou Spokojeni
Mnaga a Zdorp - Ledoborec
Mnaga a Zdorp - Koupel Za Jinym Ucelem
Mnaga a Zdorp - Byla 1 Holka
Mnaga a Zdorp - Myslim Na Tebe
Mitchell Ayres - Make Believe Island
MICHAEL JACKSON - Butterflies (Remix)(feat. Eve
METALLICA - We Did It Again(feat. Ja Rule
Metallica - We Did It Again
MEST - Rooftop
McClintock Harry - In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
MASTER P - Ooohhhwee(feat. Weebie
MAROON 5 - Through With You
MAROON 5 - The Sun
MAROON 5 - Sweetest Goodbye
MAROON 5 - Sunday Morning
MAROON 5 - Shiver
MAROON 5 - She Will Be Loved
MAROON 5 - Not Coming Home
MAROON 5 - Must Get Out
LUTHER VANDROSS - The Closer I Get To You(feat. Beyonce Knowles
LUTHER VANDROSS - Lovely Day(feat. Busta Rhymes
LUTHER VANDROSS - Hit It Again(feat. Queen Latifah
LUMIDEE - Never Leave You
LUDACRIS - Fatty Girl(feat. LL Cool J, Keith Murray
Long Beach Dub Allstars - Sunny Hours F/ Will.I.Am From Black Eyed Peas
Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch
LINKIN PARK - Carousel
Lil Romeo - My Baby
Lil Bow Wow - Get Up
Lil Bow Wow - Crazy
Les Paul - Hummingbird
Leonard Cohen - You Have Loved Enough
Leonard Cohen - The Land Of Plenty
Leonard Cohen - Love Itself
Leonard Cohen - Here It Is
Leonard Cohen - By The Rivers Dark
Leonard Cohen - Alexandra Leaving
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep
Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot
Led Zeppelin - The Wanton Song
Led Zeppelin - Sick Again
Led Zeppelin - Custard Pie
Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand
LEANE BILBERRY - Trading Lives
LEANE BILBERRY - Simple sign
LEANE BILBERRY - Afraid To Commit
Le Ann Womack - Something Worth Leaving Behind
Le Ann Womack - Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
LaVern Baker and The Gliders - Jim Dandy
Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy
Laine Frankie - Hummingbird
Kukiz I Piersi - Caluj Mnie!!!
Kryl Karel - Bludny Holandan
Kryl Karel - Branibori V Cechach
Kryl Karel - Destivy Den
Kryl Karel - Bela
Kryl Karel - Bila Hora
Kryl Karel - Bludiste
Kryl Karel - Carnogurske Tanky
Kryl Karel - Darwin
Kryl Karel - Buffalo Bill
Kryl Karel - Bridge
Kryl Karel - Cislo Na Zapesti
Kryl Karel - Dachau Blues
Kryl Karel - Azbuk
Kryl Karel - Andel
Kryl Karel - Bakterie
Kryl Karel - Balada Manone
Kryl Karel - Bivoj
Kryl Karel - Demokracie
Kryl Karel - Co Reknou
Kryl Karel - Cardas
Kryl Karel - Blus Pro Papirovy Defce
Kravitz Lenny - Again
KOTTONMOUTH KINGS - Killa Kali(feat. The Judge
KOTTONMOUTH KINGS - Brain On Drugs (Interlude)(feat. Shakey Bonez
Koffee Brown - Qualify
KIRK FRANKLIN - The Blood Song(feat. D. McClurkin, C. Lewis + J. Velasquez
KELLY CLARKSON - Just Missed The Train
Joe Tex - I Gotcha
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra - Tangerine
Jimmy Dorsey - Green Eyes
Jimmy Dorsey - Blue Champagne
Jimmy Clanton - Go, Jimmy, Go
Jim Reeves - There Is A New Moon
Jerzee Money - Yeah
Jerzee Money - Work It Out
Jerzee Money - Twisted
Jerzee Money - Tonight Is The Night
Jerzee Money - Stop My Flow
Jerzee Money - Respect
Jerzee Money - One Of Those Days
Jerzee Money - Missing You
Jerzee Money - Better Than That
JERZEE MONET - Yeah(feat. Eve
JERZEE MONET - Twisted(feat. Ja Rule
JENNIFER LOPEZ - The One (Version 2)
Jackie Moore - Precious Precious
JA RULE - Last Temptation(feat. Charli Baltimore
Iglesias Enrique - Escape
Ice-T - Intro (7th Deadly Sin)
HITMAN SAMMY SAM - Step Daddy (Remix)(feat. Ms. Flawless
HILARY DUFF - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Harry James Orchestra - I Had The Craziest Dream
Hall And Oates - Do It For Love
Gregorian - Ordinary World
Gregorian - Only You
Gregorian - Fields of Gold
Gregorian - Blue Monday
Gregorian - Be
GINUWINE - Hell Yeah (Remix)(feat. R Kelly, Baby & Clipse
GINUWINE - Big Plans(feat. Method Man
GINUWINE - Bedda Man
Gees Bee - Wind Of Change
Gees Bee - Songbird
Gees Bee - Fanny Be Tender With My Love
Gees Bee - All This Making Love
G-clefs - Ka-ding Dong
FRANKIE J - We Still
FRANKIE J - Interlude
Frank Sinatra - Winners (theme From maurie)
Five - Slam Dunk The Funk
Filter - American Cliche
Fat Joe - Loyalty
FABOLOUS - Up On Things(feat. Snoop Dogg
Everly Brothers - I Kissed You
Eve - Scream Double R
EVANESCENCE - Field Of Innocence
Engelbert Humperdinck - Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
Elliott Missy - Get Ur Freak On (Remix)
Dru Hill - You Are Everything (featuring Ja Rule)
Domino Fats - You Win Again
Domino Antoine Fats - You Win Again
Domenico Modugno - Volare Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu
Dolly Dawn - Youre A Sweetheart
Dj Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince - The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air
Dion - Love Came To Me
David Craig - 7 Days Sunship Remix
David Craig - 7 Days Full Crew Remix
Dave Matthews Band - Typical Situaion
Danny - Dottie
CLAY AIKEN - This Is The Night
Christina Aguilera - Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy
Chris Connor - I Miss You So
Chico Buarque - Valsinha
CHEVELLE - Send The Pain Below
CHEVELLE - One Lonely Visitor
CHEVELLE - Grab Thy Hand
CHEVELLE - Forfeit
CHEVELLE - Family System
CHEVELLE - Comfortable Liar
CHEVELLE - Closure
CHEVELLE - An Evening With El Diablo
Cee-Lo - El Dorado Sunshine (Super Chicken)
Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (all Night Long)
Cathy Dennis - Too Many Walls
Buckshot - Take Your Time
BRITNEY SPEARS - What U See (Is What You Get)
BRIAN McKNIGHT - Superhero
Brandy - Where Are You Now?
Brandy - Sitting Up In My Room Remix
Blur - Song Number 2
Blink 182 - When You Fucked Grandpa
Blake Norman - You Are My Sunshine
Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Kitchen
Billy Joel - Goodnight Siagon
Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
Benny Goodman - Taking A Chance On Love
Bella Morte - The Rain Within Her Hands
Bee Gees - Marly Purt Drive
Bad Ronald - 1st Time
BABY - What Happened To That Boy
B2K - Understanding
B2K - Shorty
B2K - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
B2K - Jingle Bells
B2K - Girlfriend (Remix)(feat. R Kelly
B2K - Fantasy
B2K - Bump, Bump, Bump(feat. P. Diddy
B2K - B2K Is Hot
Atomic Kitten - Whole Again
A-TEENS - Perfect Match
A-TEENS - Letter
Arrested Development - Mr.wendal
Arrested Development - 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of...
Annie Lennox - The Saddest Song
Angie Stone - Trouble Man
Angie Martinez - Take You Home
ANGIE MARTINEZ - Coast 2 Coast (Suavemente)(feat. Wyclef Jean
ANGELINA - Forever
Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstien
Aaliyah - Are You Feeling Me
A* Teens - Half Way Around The World
A* Teens - Bouncing Off The Celing
4 Non Blondes - Pleasntly Blue
3LW - Put Em Up
2unlimited - Twilight Zone
20 Fingers - You Got To Lick It
100000 Maniacs - Rainy Day
Gregorian - Join Me
Andra - o poveste de iubire
Relian - Intro [Sentimente in Ruine]
Vescan - Sub acelasi tricolor
Lemar - Weight of the world
Taxi - Cele doua cuvinte
Gratima - La o tigara
McHh - Respect
scorpion - send me angel
Narcotic Sound feat Christian D - Mamasita
Lady Gaga - Alejandro
juan gabriel - asi fue
McHh feat. S.R.G - Cand soarele rasare
S.R.G.&Zeze - Baietii
Ionel Istrati - Uita-ma
McHh - Realitatea
Loredana - Marioara de la Gorj
Cristian Tarcea feat REEA - Looking for your love
MIHAELA BELCIU - Am un barbatel cioban
Ovidiu liteanu - Sfânta bogatie
steliana sima - povestea unui catel
Critic - Fugi..fugi
D'strictz - Serotonina
Upceak - Faima fara mandrie
Alessandro - Clementine
Plauzibil - Despartiti dar impreuna
Florin Salam - Zile pentru mama mea
monica merisan - toata romania
legea strazi - nu te-am meritat
dinu maxer - tu mama
marina - tucama bade ilie
Bitza - Intrebari gresite
PETRICA MATU STOIAN - Mi-o lasat mosu canuta
Adriana Antoni & Nicolae Botgros - Ploaie Doamne cu stropi mari
Shobby - Pentru urechile dumneavoastra
Sonny Flame - Top Of The World
Cristian Petcu feat. Joshua - Not Your Way
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Guess Who - La Locul Potrivit
Puya - Change
Shoby & Cabron - Ce nu ati inteles
timbaland feat. soshy & nelly furtado - morning after dark
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